Title & Abstract Experts


Acuity: Providing Title and Abstracting Solutions Nationwide


Title examinations are a necessary part of many real estate transactions, and Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC provides the fast, efficient abstracting services that our clients need to complete their transactions on schedule with minimal hassle.


We provide legal and notary support for real estate transactions of all types. We are able to quickly acquire and organize information about properties so that all the parties to a transaction can have a comprehensive knowledge of the ownership of the real property in question. Our team has extensive experience with statutory declarations, notary copies, acknowledgments of deeds, and other conveyances.


Our network includes tax assessors, contacts from courthouses, and databases across the 50 states. We also use the most advanced technology and automation available, allowing quick and easy retrieval of required information.


The Acuity team has the experience necessary to ensure reliably excellent abstracting services delivered quickly and efficiently, so that our clients can focus on completing their transactions instead of waiting for the title. Call Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC today at (502) 238-7500 to learn more about our title and abstracting services.