Acuity is a full service national title agency


Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC provides title and escrow services that support a wide variety of real estate transactions across the nation. No matter the size, complexity, or geographical diversity of the relevant properties, we provide a single point of contact and personalized, customized service to all our clients. Our cutting edge technology guides and automates our process, ensuring clients the highest levels of efficiency and quality.


Acuity: where tradition meets innovation


A real estate transaction has a large number of moving parts, and you can count on Acuity to help coordinate all the involved parties to ensure a seamless, punctual close.


Residential and commercial transactions


Acuity handles residential and commercial transactions of all levels of complexity. Our client-focused model means that our partners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their needs are being taken care of by an expert team with extensive experience in finding creative solutions to complicated title issues, including transactions that involve multiple parties or span multiple states. Our wide geographical reach makes us the perfect fit for companies large and small.


Our process allows us to efficiently close a high volume of sales without sacrificing the reliability and quality that our clients have come to expect from us.


Title clearance


At Acuity, we know how important it is for buyers and sellers to have a clear and precise understanding of the ownership issues surrounding the property changing hands. Unpaid taxes, disputed wills, or complex or undiscovered liens can botch a transaction if they are not uncovered and dealt with appropriately. Acuity provides the title clearance services necessary to ensure our clients that their title is free of any unresolved issues, so that they can close their transactions with confidence.


Additional Services


At Acuity, we know how complicated real estate transactions can be—and how juggling multiple vendors and partners can make the process all the more complex. That’s why we strive to be the one-stop-shop that can take care of all of your title needs. No project is too big or too small for us to handle, and our wide-reaching geographic footprint means that we’ll be there wherever you need us.


Acuity can fill all of your title clearance and insurance needs, including lien release processing, document recording and retrieval, property document preparation, e-recording, and more. Call us today at (502) 238-7500 to learn more about how Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC can make your closing process easier and more efficient.