Real Estate Agents


Acuity: helping real estate agents close transactions across the nation


For a real estate agent, choosing the right title partner is a critical part of putting an efficient, hassle-free process in place. Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC has a veteran team of title professionals who work together to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and quality for each of our transactions. Furthermore, Acuity incorporates cutting-edge software into our business process. Not only does it automate rote tasks and keep each transaction on track so it can finish as quickly as possible, but the software also allows all of our clients 24-hour access to the latest information about their transactions.


There are hundreds of moving parts that must come together for a real estate transaction to go as planned—but with Acuity on your side, you can rest assured that your title work will be handled efficiently, professionally, and with excellent customer service.


Acuity takes special care to ensure that we provide real estate agents with the quality title services they need to keep the ball rolling. Our title experts have the comprehensive experience necessary to provide consistent results, and our carefully honed process ensures high quality, rapidly delivered title, so that you can focus your full attentions on your transaction without worrying about receiving the proper documentation.


To learn more about how Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC can help you achieve a hassle-free close, call us at (502) 238-7500.