Acuity provides commercial title services all over the nation.


The commercial title transaction can be especially complex because the number of parties involved is usually larger than that of the typical residential transaction. Between investors, developers, brokers, bankers, buyers, and sellers, coordinating all the stakeholders and achieving a successful transaction can be an involved process. At Acuity National Real Estate Solutions, LLC, we have the experience and savvy necessary to keep the closing process on track, no matter how complex the transaction or where in the nation the property is located.


Whether your transactions involve simple titles or span multiple states and multiple properties, Acuity can provide you with the customized solution you need for an easy closing.


With commercial real estate transactions, the stakes are often especially high. The parties to a transaction must rely on their title partner not only to take care of any and all title issues but also to contribute to the successful close of the transaction. Defeasance transactions, 1031 exchanges, cross-collateralization, deed restrictions, and lien subordination can cause extended delays in the closing process if they are not handled by an expert title agency. At Acuity, we have the experience necessary to take care of these and any other issues that might arise during the process, so the transaction can move forward without a hitch.


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Our technology helps interested parties remain apprised of the status of the transaction in real time, and our commitment to customer service makes the closing experience a pleasant one for everyone involved. Acuity’s comprehensive due diligence searches let our clients focus on their part of the transaction while we ensure that the property’s history is revealed before the finalization of the contract.


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